World of Warcraft: Legion

At Gamescom 2015 in Cologne, Blizzard announced the long-awaited (?) new expansion. As most of you know by now there will be lots of storylines coming together. Of course the most important thing is the return of the Legion, but how about heading into the Emerald Dream? So fitting for us! All that exciting stuff going on, because of course let’s not forget about the new hero class Demon Hunter.


Feel free to reply here with your thoughts, what you’re excited about, and what worries you.


  1. DarcninoxDarcninox

    Not so much long awaited but hopefully a better WoD. Kinda annoying that there will be no new weapons as everyone is running around with their artifact.

  2. MogilMogil

    Would have preferred multiple paths for levelling, but OMG Suramar and basically a lot of the places from war of the ancients trilogy.

    Demon hunters look awesome and I am thinking of swapping Pala for one for tanking.

    The honor system has me interested and might actually get me to do more pvp stuff.

    Im hyped just hope that my faith in Blizz learning lessons isn’t misplaced

  3. Jadranka (Post author)

    Multiple paths for leveling would’ve been nice indeed. I’m not sure yet what I’m most excited about. On the one hand I am excited about all the lore that is going to be explored, so many things coming together. But maybe the latter is gonna be a problem, too much going on. I hope they execute it correctly though. I love the Queen Azshara lore so let’s see what that part is gonna bring.

  4. DiomanteDiomante

    Demon Hunters, Yeeeeeeeeees!
    New Honor system, maybe yeeeeeeeeees, need more info on that one.
    Disappointed at only 6 zones for leveling, actually thought they might of gone back to WOTLK style in 2 starting zones and multiple paths.