Welcome to the new Solace website

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While you may have heard your fearless leaders were working on a new website, you probably did not expect it so soon. A week of hard work results in what you see here before you. We hope this new website gives you everything you want. From integrated links to our progress videos on YouTube, to a brand new forum of which we hope it will be used even more. Our aim is to have people more involved with the website so everyone can enjoy eachother’s madness, and as such prevent non-Facebookers to be excluded.

How to get started

First thing you need to do as Solace member is create an account via the Login option at the lefthand bottom of the page. Once you’ve done so please contact Svein or Jade so they can upgrade your forum access. We still require a forum upgrade to ensure not just everyone can see everything. Once your account is created you receive a generated password which you can change if you go to your Profile by clicking on your username in the Login widget. This is also where you can change your avatar. Your first comment (including Wall comment) has to be approved, after that you can comment all you want.

Then what

The possibilities are infinite! Post on the forums, keep up to date with Blizzard Watch via the widget, get easy access to our Facebook page as well as our YouTube channel, and of course you can now also comment on our news and throw in your two cents on the subject at hand. Of course we also did not forget to add a shoutbox again. All that and more. If you think something vital is missing please poke us so we can perhaps add it!

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  1. ShnoodShnood

    We’re ready! It’s looking ace.