We “bear”ly made it


It took some tries but Ursoc is down on heroic. Well done you awesome bunch of adventurers!

A beaten bear behind the epic team that made it happen.

There were some trials along the way, including the struggle to get the team together last night. In that respect, as officers we would like to remind everyone that we can only do this, if we work as a team. As it says in our Raiding menu: there is no ” I ” in team. Be kind to one another; share the love and the loot; take turns in roles; make sure to decline/accept in a timely manner. Additionally, don’t change your signs mere minutes before a raid unless you absolutely have to. We are aware that life interferes sometimes, emergencies come up, but please try to contact an officer in that case to quickly explain how and what (posting a message on FB or in the shout box is fine too). Before a raid there is always an officer online, and it doesn’t really matter which officer you contact in these cases.

Nothing left but: Happy Gaming/Befriending/Looting/Killing