The day before…

…the servers broke down.

Who knows, maybe there won’t be any queues this time. Ah, who are we kidding there probably will be. Some of us will stay up to see the Legion marching in, others have to work or simply have to wait for the Collector’s Edition to arrive. Make sure to sign up for any guild group stuff on launch on the forum post that Bart put up, so you won’t miss out.


Everyone that wants to raid, will have a shot at it. We accepted everyone that signed up. This does mean we have a rather large team at the moment. However, we know for a fact many of us cannot come to all raids and we hope it sorts itself out in a way that we still have about 15 people in a raid max. This also means there is less pressure to sign up if you don’t really feel like it. Although we all wanna see those nasties hit the floor of course.

Raids will be visible in the Calendar in-game (/calendar if you don’t have it attached to minimap). Make sure to either accept or decline and avoid signing tentative. Even if we have a big group, tentative is rather annoying for us raid leaders to plan a raid properly. If you sign tentative please try to change it to accept or decline a few hours before raid start (this can also be done via the armory app).

The raiding roster has been added to the website under the Raiding menu (visible only to logged on users). If you’re curious as to who and how many we have on the team and/or what classes we got covered, you can sort the table accordingly.

One last thing: please familiarize yourselves once more with our Raid Rules.

Happy Legion killing!