Solace is recruiting

In order to get back in progress raiding properly again we can totally use some fresh blood. If you’re already a member and aren’t raiding yet but would like to, please make sure to contact an officer. If you’re not yet a part of Solace (blasphemy!) hesitate no longer and apply via the topmenu.
We are looking for dps and healer(s), and the classes we are looking for in particular are Mage, Priest, Monk, Death Knight. Ranged DPS has our preference but every application is considered!

Solace baby news!

If you hadn’t heard it yet, we have a true Solace baby. Proud parents Neal and Kim gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl, so don’t forget to congrats the baby daddy when you see him on. We have already surprised the fresh parents with a fitting gift. A picture of this can be found on our Facebook page.

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  1. Leo

    I am willing to help DPS in raids. i realise we already have 2 rogues and i dont want to compete with them but if it helps the raid and doesnt screw up the raid-composition i am willing to come. I dont want to take gear away from the other 2 rogues so i’ll just use my bonus rolls. Just let me know if you can use my dps services (tax free!! (special offer)).

    ow and grats baby (gnome)! Yay!