Recruitment closed for raiding


Never before was there such an interest in raiding. Which really makes us officers kind of proud as it means you guys totally enjoy being part of Solace and raiding with us! Downside is that at this moment we cannot accept any more raiders. Socials however we’d be happy to welcome. If you’re still interested in raiding please let Jade or Svein know so we can add you to the wait list.


The website is good to go again. We encourage you all to make use of it. The forums, the shoutbox, the newsposts it’s all there to interact with eachother outside the game. If there are things out of place or any dreaded spelling errors please let us know either in a reply here or on the forum post.

Facebook and YouTube links have been added to the menu. On YouTube we aim to add our raid experiences more regularly than last year. As well as creating any other interesting playlists. Currently you can enjoy the Harbingers series by Blizzard right there!



The guildbank has been sorted out (apart from the tabs of the earlier expansions, Jade will get to that). There is now a Legion tab as well. Same rules apply: please only add useful stuff (gathering materials / prof supplies / usable gear). In return you can take anything you can use yourself.
The pets in treasury are there for our initiate welcome mails. However, if there’s one you want, just ask.
As in previous expansions we aim to supply the guild raids with flasks and food. We will need mats for that. When you get to it we welcome these in the GB as well!

Happy gaming and kick some Legion ass!