Raid Rules

General rules

Solace’s Raids are first and foremost social and exciting events. We will endeavour to provide a platform where all raiding members can feel their needs are met within the capacity of the team and are open for discussion. To support this we want to suggest raiders adhere to these basic rules and share our view of the raiding mindset that would make these events as best as possible for all involved.

  1. Invites start at 19h30ST, if you have signed Accepted then you have until 19h45ST to be online, after which point the raid will carry on without you. Joining at a later stage is at the Raid Leader’s discretion and whether you provided a notification of your absence.
  2. Should you have trouble being online in time, please try to notify an officer via Discord, Facebook or Armory App.
  3. Accepting means you are able to attend for the entire duration of the raid, unless you notify the Raid Leader before hand.
  4. Random AFKs are not appreciated. A 10-minute break is provided at 21hST.
  5. Discord is required. Details for this can be found in the guild info in-game.
    *ST = Server Time

What we expect of our Raiders

We would like our raiders to keep an open mind and a positive attitude when it comes to progression and team work, wipes are expected and will be an extensive part of our learning process as we tackle new challenges together. That being said, using the team to further yourself is not acceptable, so always have everyone in mind. As such, we also expect everyone, within their capabilities and time limitations, to improve themselves and their character as best as possible, that being learning and mastering your rotation or making sure off-specs are up to snuff and can be somewhat consistent with the rest of the team.

  1. In order to facilitate raid planning, please get in the habit of replying to the raid invites in the in-game calendar.
  2. Prepare your character for the raids! Make sure you are gemmed and enchanted before hand, if you struggle to access these for whatever reason please contact the officer team so we can help you. Do keep in mind that we might have a limited supply of materials.
  3. In the eventuality that the guild bank cannot supply flasks or food for the raid, make sure you have some spare yourself.
  4. Do look up at the general strategies for each boss fight, this will help save time during the raids. The way we tackle a specific encounter will then be tailored to our raid set-up.
  5. Disrespectful behaviour towards the raid leading team or any member within the team will NOT be tolerated and will be dealt with appropriately.

Loot rules

Due to heavy numbers of certain classes in the current raid roster we decided to shift our looting system to Personal Loot for the remainder of the expansion.

  1. If you do not need an item, please trade it to the current Raid Leader, so that this unwanted loot can be distributed fairly among the team.
  2. In case of rolling for an item: Mainspec goes before Offspec.
  3. Any unwanted items will be DE with materials going into the guild bank to keep our supplies up.
  4. If you do receive an upgrade during the raid, please wait for it to be over in order to enchant your gear. The guild bank can provide but small donations/contributions by all members are appreciated.
  5. Same procedure as 4. goes for gems.