Raiding break

With people going on a vacation and a slight lack of DPSwe have decided we will call a short raiding break for the first weeks of August. Keep an eye on the calendar for your invites to know when we will start kicking ass again. We will have one final raid Sunday to get some new bosses down with last weeks lockout. Hope to see all of you there so we can extend that list of kills.

In Blizzard news, of course they will announce the new expansion coming week. We’ll make sure to post about this on the website of course.

If you are taking a vacation to warmer climates like some of your officers please remember to post on the forums about that so we don’t think to ourselves ‘where the fuck did he/she go.’ Other than that, nothing left to say but happy gaming.

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  1. MogilMogil

    Gives me a chance to get some more practice tanking on the Pala 😀