Solace’s foray into the Tomb of Sargeras

Last night marked the first effort in a new raiding chapter for Solace in Legion and your first steps into the Tomb of Sargeras Normal was met with little resistance. We dispatched 6 of the 9 foes by sheer force of will (read. over-geared the crap out of it) and as proper summer tourists in a new area we took pictures!

Goroth had four legs but still tripped over our tanks and died. Sad really.


Jade has left the building

FarewellMy journey with Solace started in late 2010. It has been a joyous ride, one that I wouldn’t have want to miss ever. But now is the time for me say “So long” and “Farewell.” While I am not saying I won’t be back, this is a more definite goodbye than last time. It is not my intention to start playing in the near future; perhaps with a new expansion if there will be one, but even that I won’t guarantee.