World of Warcraft: Legion

At Gamescom 2015 in Cologne, Blizzard announced the long-awaited (?) new expansion. As most of you know by now there will be lots of storylines coming together. Of course the most important thing is the return of the Legion, but how about heading into the Emerald Dream? So fitting for us! All that exciting stuff going on, because of course let’s not forget about the new hero class Demon Hunter.


Raiding break

With people going on a vacation and a slight lack of DPSwe have decided we will call a short raiding break for the first weeks of August. Keep an eye on the calendar for your invites to know when we will start kicking ass again. We will have one final raid Sunday to get some new bosses down with last weeks lockout. Hope to see all of you there so we can extend that list of kills.

Welcome to the new Solace website

Solace Crest

While you may have heard your fearless leaders were working on a new website, you probably did not expect it so soon. A week of hard work results in what you see here before you. We hope this new website gives you everything you want. From integrated links to our progress videos on YouTube, to a brand new forum of which we hope it will be used even more. Our aim is to have people more involved with the website so everyone can enjoy eachother’s madness, and as such prevent non-Facebookers to be excluded.