One month later…

…and we’ve set our first steps into raiding!


As mentioned above, we’ve set foot into the Emerald Nightmare and killed no less than 4 bosses on normal already. Good job to all who came. For those who couldn’t yet, don’t worry, Sunday is another chance.
noscreen21The raid went pretty smooth with one shots and what not, not very entertaining to watch if you ask me *insert evil laugh here*. Some improvement can be made in communication, we have use voip for a reason: make raids run smoother, because of good communication and to make raids more fun with Buzz Lightyear chipping in.

Unfortunately, your fearless raidleader forgot to make people pose for a kill screenie (4 bosses and not 1, wtf Svein). They have bit the dust though, as can be seen on our Raid Progression page (see Top Menu). Although they’ve been killed already, you can now check out the quick 2 minute tactic guide of those bosses via the Raiding menu.


Solace is big, for Solace standards. This means that there is a lot of people whom you probably do not know by name. We understand you can’t know them all by heart immediately, especially because not every player plays as much as you do or on the same hours. However, we would like to encourage to keep the friendly Solace intact by at least making an effort to get to know people.

Nothing left to say, but Happy Gaming!