Normal HFC cleared

We did it! Archimonde fell flat on his face last night. And after that we even quickly made work of Assault HC again. Good job folks. Some good progress the last weeks and we are also steadily getting a stable team again, which will only make further progress easier.

Here’s the amazing pics of our Archi kill as well as a belated Mannoroth screenshot. For the latter some people who were impatient are missing, can you spot who? You can click on the picture for a larger image.

Archimonde killshot

Archimonde killshot


Mannoroth killshot








  1. SylvitSylvit

    Congratz peepz!

  2. Leo

    Grats guys! well done!

  3. Baboon


  4. DiomanteDiomante

    Gratz guys, GL in heroic!

  5. BorkedBorked

    why does it look like everyone is avoiding me on the Mannoroth screenie !?

    1. JaceJace

      Because we are?