New officer

While Arnoud and I haven’t had really issues running the guild in itself. We thought it needed to get another officer in to give everyone more of an opportunity to have someone to talk to for whatever reason, be it invites for alts or other issues. We found a victim in Kai, so you can bugger him with all your questions now. Be sure to give him a warm welcome ;).


We have had some good luck with recruiting and now gained another tank and there is also another healer incoming. With that recruitment for raiding is now technically closed down, although interested parties are always welcome to apply of course. We’d love to expand a little bit socially as well. As such we absolutely welcome Social applications. Our Fridaynight raid night is now an alt/social/achie run, we hope we can accommodate socials a bit better that way.

Raid progress

Ishkar already bit the dust on heroic a while ago, and again last weekend. On top of that we already had some proper tries on Xhul as well as Socrethar. Rest assured we will clear Heroic before Legion hits!


  1. BorkedBorked

    Thanks ! I still cherish the kind words given by the guild as they figured out I was an officer, especially those of Ville !

    1. Jadranka (Post author)

      Please elaborate 😛

      1. LaurelethLaureleth

        I think it was something along the lines of: “Oh god, who made him an officer?!”

  2. RagbakRagbak

    Grats Kai, Welcome to the club ;-).