Mannoroth down, one more to go!

Hey folks! We hope you had a good Christmas and New Years. We certainly did, and have downed a new boss in HFC this year!


Mannoroth. Is. Dead. This leaves us at 12/13 HC and only archimonde stands in our way. We’ve had some very good attempts on him and i predict he will go down in the very near future! It’s a tricky fight with our relatively small raidgroup but he will die nonetheless!

And Solace is still looking for members to the raidteam. DPS mainly, but we’ll definitely consider everything 🙂

Here’s a screenshot of the kill.

Manno kill

….aaaaand down he goes. (Click to enlarge)








We’ve added a HFC social run next friday (22.1), sign up with the character you want to bring and we’ll go in and kill some bosses!

Is there anything you’d like to see happen in Solace? Old raids, pet battles or other events done with guildies? Whisper an officer and it may very well end up happening in one of our friday runs!


New (?) Officer

Svein (Zariah) has been promoted to the rank of High (Lord) General once again after a break from the officer team. He has been part of the raidleading team for years, and has been with Solace for an even longer time.

Feel free to bug him, or not. Your call!