Lara would be proud!

We did it! Solace raided the tomb on normal. With these trophies on our belt we can look forward to the heroic versions of these fights (and maybe we’ll learn the shortcuts as well by then).

A few impressions below where our brave heroes fail to stand in a line but no-one cares because the boss is dead anyway.

We started with the Maiden of Vigilance which we left trembling near her elevator last time.

Then we found this Failing Avatar that… what? Fallen Avatar? What does it matter! It’s dead Jim!

And finally we managed to beat Kil’Jaeden; after our Raid Leader threatened with practice sessions in the Isle of Quel’danas raid instance. 

Sorry lil’ Kil’ but this time it’s not merely a setback.

Well done all! Stay tuned for our progression in Heroic Tomb of Sargeras