Jade has left the building

FarewellMy journey with Solace started in late 2010. It has been a joyous ride, one that I wouldn’t have want to miss ever. But now is the time for me say “So long” and “Farewell.” While I am not saying I won’t be back, this is a more definite goodbye than last time. It is not my intention to start playing in the near future; perhaps with a new expansion if there will be one, but even that I won’t guarantee.

I’ve loved playing WoW for years and thoroughly enjoyed seeing Solace blossom and bloom to become the guild it now is and I have all the faith in the world I left the guild in capable hands. Please stay social and casual, WoW needs Solace to be there to counter all those raging, namecalling idiots.

I’m currently failing at playing Diablo so feel free to look me up there. Also, if you wish you can add me on BattleNet: Jadranka#21458. I would appreciate it if you would say who you were when doing so to avoid me ending up with all kinds of pervs in my friend list though ;-).

So long, keep nuking those bosses and Happy Gaming!