HFC HC cleared!


It’s done. We’ve killed all the bosses in Hellfire Citadel now. A big thanks to our great raidteam that makes every raidnight a fun time! 6.2 is dragging on but we’ve finally cleared our goal. Good job all. We’ll continue to put up raids as long as there is interest, but out main goal now is to ready ourselves for Legion. We hope to see every one of you there.

It's done.

It’s done. (Click to enlarge)









We’ve had the pleasure of adding a few new members to our roster, and some has chosen to leave Solace.

A big welcome to Aug (Augustin), Tanja (Kylara), Bente (Shamto), Lt (Ltvulture), Leny (Wify) and Marcello (Ashtarot).

Eugene (Nortar), Paul (Duckdump), Torben (Nechia) and Christopher (Mimilou) has decided to leave Solace, we wish them the best of luck in their new guilds.


We are as always looking for more members, so don’t hesitate to contact either me Svein (Zariah – Svein#2785), Kai (Borked – HuBBs#2665) or Arnoud (Ragbak – Ragbak#2154) for a chat :). Healers especially, but not saying no to a tank and some DPS either. Or if you just wanna hang out with this crazy bunch.