First HC HFC boss down

Bye bye Hellfire Assault. With a few struggles due to the chaos, panic, disaster nature of the fight, we’ve managed to kill Hellfire Assault on Heroic last night. After that we also had some good tries on Iron Reaver, but unfortunately we were unable to get him down. But not all was lost, we moved back to normal and with an extension of last week were able to have some good shots at Xhul’Horac. We’ve seen him on 3% so basically had him, but alas, time was up. He will bite the dust Sunday for sure, so please do not forget to sign up!


Fresh blood needed

In order to keep up the raiding we desperately need some fresh blood. We can use virtually everything at the moment. Though we have some preferred roles we’d like to welcome. A mistweaver monk would be very appreciated, as well as a Disc or Shadow Priest. However we are open for anything so please do not hesitate to apply, or, if you are already in Solace as social, contact Jade in-game…..
… what are you waiting for?


  1. MogilMogil

    You missed the most important part off from last night.


    The discovery that Ville has masturbating Hobbits…

  2. ZariahZariah

    Picture must be manipulated, Leo is huge! or is it just the angle? 😛

    1. RagbakRagbak

      Leo used one of his growth potions right before the pictures were taken…. I saw him do it :P.

  3. Jadranka (Post author)

    Kai, you are actually the Proven Assailant now, but this time you got your back turned to the camera…. You are so photogenic!

    1. BorkedBorked

      I think it might have been taken during a /reload, cause I heard something about “screenshot/picture” during the loading screen !