Down goes the Tyrant

Finally some progress after an extended summer break. Tonight we killed Tyrant Velhari. Good job to all who came. We had no less than 13 on the team tonight which definitely made things easier than doing it with 10 people. Let’s hope we can keep it up. Chapeau to the kinda new tank team of Alan and Jace, been a while since you two tanked together ;). Let’s kill some more shit later this week, be it in BRF HC or in HFC N!

Tyrant downed


  1. Jadranka (Post author)

    Kai the Proven Ass, I am the screenshot queen because how accurate is that! No wait, then it had to be for Ville….

  2. Jadranka (Post author)

    Good, share that info with Jace and/or Jason please ;).

  3. MogilMogil

    I prefer to think of it as a new old tank team, although this is the first of me really dawning a sword and board on the Paladin since back in Cata and Deathwing.

    Good job everyone on the kill last night, next up is Xhul I have an idea on tanking this one thanks to an awesome Monk tank in lfr a couple of weeks ago 😀