Discussing raid days

While you all have noticed that due to our currently relative small team we have had to cancel some raids. As officers we hate to see this happen and we have discussed how we can maybe change this once more, or at least try.

The Tuesday has been a good day for a little while but has been cancelled often the last couple of weeks. It is understandable that it is harder for many people to commit to a weekday as they have work the next day. For this reason we are considering moving the 3rd raid day back to the Friday. While this may seem contradicting, because that failed before, it mostly failed due to tanks in the past. Right now we have at least one tank that can commit to a Fridaynight raidnight, as well as Jade who can tank on Keiki if needed. Only thing is then, if you guys think this is a good idea.

Either way we will most likely move to stop raiding on Tuesday, because we cancel it so often. We have already tried other days as well, which that most likely if Friday can’t work we will choose for two raiding days instead. While this may mean a little less progress, we are now at the point that we can comfortable extend a lockout to get closer to new kills.

We totally want your input and thoughts on this, so don’t hesitate to reply here. We desperately need more raiders, most of all healer(s) and dps. So if you know anyone who’s looking, please forward them to an officer or to the website!


  1. SylvitSylvit

    If there was a Gnome only raidgroup then i would join the raiding madness!!!!!

  2. OomptyOompty

    Only if the raid starttime wasnt so damn early!

    1. Jadranka (Post author)

      What time would you be able to jump in Marnix?

      1. OomptyOompty

        20.30 servertime usually

        1. Jadranka (Post author)

          If you can commit to that I’d still be happy to offer you a spot anyway.

  3. AyamheAyamhe

    Friday is really bad for me, that is family evening at my moms..

    Saturday i’m hardly at home.


    1. Jadranka (Post author)

      If you can commit to the other two days, that shouldn’t be a problem. As i have both Jace and Alan stating Friday is fine for them.

  4. KittykathKittykath

    Now you’re making me miss raiding.

    Friday and Sunday would at least be good times for someone like me who works semi-random shifts from Mon-Thu, and could be too late for some raids because of late work.

    1. Jadranka (Post author)

      I’d be happy to give you a spot if you can sort of commit. If I know about your random work hours that is fine. Anything to get some more people in, and happy to cater to people we already have in the guild. (is it obvious that we’re desperate ;).)

  5. Darkseph

    It seems to be a problem with WoD mostly. We’ve had to cancel a lot of raids recently over in Paranoid, due to low sign-ups. Recruitment is really rough right now and it’s a struggle for a lot of guilds to even get one or two stable members in.

    A further issue on top of this is the terrible scaling for small groups. Mechanics barely scale at all with raid size, you get the same number of debuffs, adds and gimmicks on 10 man that you get with 30 people. Health does scale, but badly. You notice this mostly on something like Kilrogg or Gorefiend when you’ve scraped a 10 man team that day and have a new member or two in and the fight is suddenly ridiculously hard for Normal.

    Really hope things do pick up for you guys, since this really is a great guild to raid with. Anyway, I’m still around if you ever need a dps or tank (706). Sadly I have no healer or ranged alts 😛 Just give me a poke a little in advance if you’re short, since I tend to leave dinner a bit late if I’m not raiding that day.

  6. ZariahZariah

    What day doesn’t really matter to me 🙂

    And while i somewhat agree with Henri that we need more people, i think it’s quite unrealistic to increase our roster to 20 stable raiders (Meaning 25++) with the current halt in recruitment. It’s hard enough to get one or two at the moment it seems. It could be a goal toward Legions release but at the moment i think 3-5 more active raiders would help us alot, and still keep us rather small like we’ve always been (15ish max) which i personally prefer.

    Recruitment is a bitch atm, but i know Jade, Arnoud and Alan are doing their best to make it happen so we just gotta be patient and keep showing up for raids. If we can find more optimal days for people, then great!



  7. DarcninoxDarcninox

    Any evenings with the exception of Wednesday and Saturday are fine with me, that is, I would not have much trouble making the adjustments to fit the raids in. I wonder though if changing the raiddays again will address the issues we are having. Are you saying that the raids have been cancelled because our raiders cannot raid on a specific day due to real life commitments or unforeseen circumstances? Because at this point (looking at the recent raids that were cancelled) it seems a solid 6-7 players show up, the other 4-5 are sadly intermittently available.

    This proposed chance will however present a bigger issue in the long run. The “new” raiding days will be Thursday, Friday and Sunday, meaning there is no real reason to log in on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in a row. This can’t be a good step for a social guild I think. I would suggest a different approach to the problem.

    Our current target content is Normal/Heroic raids; these are structured around the old flex-system. We currently opt to take slightly more than 30% of the maximum capacity. I presume this is because passing the “14 raider threshold” will result in a more “difficult” encounter (swap from 10 to 25 man tactics etc.). As far as I know this system has been changed and is now obsolete for normal/heroic content. Raids were designed for 20 man Mythic and scaled up and down accordingly based on the group setup. The only thing that is on a per player basis is the loot and health/damage output. 

    With the recent departure of a few core raiders, we have been running low on team members that consider themselves raiders, while this might be temporary, it still results in cancelled raids as there is no cushion for these absent players. And recruiting new raiders, gearing them up to a acceptable standard for our raids, takes time. And I am not claiming that recruiting is an easy task but I feel it is the way to go if we want to maintain a stable raid team in Solace.

    My suggestion therefore is to increase the team to 20 players. Idealy the composition should entail 2 main tanks, 5 healers and 13 DPS (6 melee/ 7 ranged) but a good amount of overlap is possible. As well as having a DPS that can Tank (preferably on the same char so we do not loose too much time swapping and summoning in) and a DPS that can Heal to support the main healing team on fights where this is needed.
    If this would be the standard and players cannot attend a raid we are not left hanging with sub 10 raiders and will still be able to run the raids, creating consistency and a sense of progress. Calling a raid because 2 players did not bother to show up (for whatever reason) and we are left with 8-9 players online just wastes 8-9 players’ evenings.

    Finally a disclaimer so people reading this know where I am coming from. I do not see raiding as a strange and alien part of WoW. For me it is a natural progression and the apex of WoW’s PvE gameplay potential. You start a character, you level it up to max level, and all the while you acquire gear from quests and dungeons. At max level you raise your ilvl to be able to run heroics, then you gear for LFR or if you prefer, you go to the ketchup jungle instead and get gear from that area. Then you can run the latest raids on normal (690 is HFC normal entry gear iirc, logically the requirements to enter would be lower). The sense of working together as a team, towards a common goal and after trial and tribulation completing that goal is what binds raiders across all the difficulty and skill levels. And THAT feeling of accomplishment after killing a difficult boss that caused so many 1% wipes is indescribable to someone who never felt it.

    So that’s my 2 cents.

    TLDR: Fucking read it you slacker… I spend time on it ffs.

    1. Jadranka (Post author)

      I love how you say: let’s just increase to 20 players. Do you realize how much effort we are putting into recruiting the last months? Without any real luck? I am up for a team of about 17, so that if all sign that is our max. But 20, no. But you talk as if it is real easy to recruit…. It is not, we do not aim at mythic, and that makes us kind of exclusive in the raiding community. There is interest in that for sure, problem is that most people who want that already have a guild.

      Yes we need more players, we are well aware of this, it is just not as easy as you think.

      1. MogilMogil

        I think the biggest issue we are coming up against with raiding at the minute is the lack of people actually looking to do organised raiding I regularly poke around on all the forums, from the official forums with the lf pve players, to the realm forums, I have a nosey frequently on the MMO champ recruitment forums, and the icy veins forums.  It seems every guild and there dog is recruiting.

        The amount of LF more for Mythic raiding is unbelievable, very rarely do you see someone looking for a more social laid back raiding at normal/heroic when one appears they get a thread spammed with multiple guilds ranging from our level of raiding to guilds with  7+ mythic kills saying they will help gear them.

        I cant help but feel what we are experiencing isnt unique to ED or Alliance or Horde or anything its across the board and comes down to the amount people who have left the game, and the others who just dont want to commit to a guild and organised raiding they seem happy to sit in LFR

  8. MogilMogil

    You know me I rarely missa  raid regardless of days, if the 3rd day is moved back to a Friday there is not much chance I’ll miss it then due to football.

    1. BorkedBorked

      Until next year !

  9. LaurelethLaureleth

    I’m fine with any days.

  10. vosil

    Hey i am realy happy that we back ar raiding friday again friday and sunday are fore me the best times to raid.


    sometimes i cant true work of my social live but most off the time i be there


    1. Jadranka (Post author)

      Good to know Nigel. Nothing confirmed yet, but it is defo on the table!