Christmas update!

It has been a while since our last update on what’s happening in the guild, and there has been a few things lately! We promise to be more frequent with New Years incoming and all!

New guildmaster!

Jade has been leading this guild successfully for years but is now in need of a break from WoW and has therefore promoted Arnoud to the rank of El Presidento to ensure that the guild is ran smoothly while she takes some off-time! Arnoud is no stranger to the guild and has been an officer for years and was a natural choice for taking over. We wish Jade a relaxing and good time off, and we look forward to seeing her again soon!

Heres a few words from our new presidento!

Hi, let me tell a bit more about myself for the ones that don’t know me that well. I’m Arnoud, live in the Netherlands, 39 years young, married and dad of two little princesses. I’ve been playing wow since WotLK and the first raid I ever set foot in was ICC. Together with the other officers I will continue to uphold the believes and ideas that made Solace strong for years. We are aiming for a thriving community with a lot of different activities for socials and raiders. If you have any questions or just want to have chat you can always poke me when I’m online. Chances are that when we’re raiding an answer can be a bit late though…



Velhari kill screenie! (Click to enlarge)

We have been busy since last update and managed to kill three new bosses! Zakuun, Xhul’Horac and Velhari all had to bow to our strength. The bosses are getting harder and harder now but our team is going strong and Archimonde is going to fall first thing in 2016! We’ve had the pleasure of adding Eugene (Nortar) to our slightly deranged healer team, Paul (Duckdump) to the team that likes that extra bit of spanking and Dennis (Denniss) to the DERPS gang! Welcome again!

We are looking for new members for the team, so don’t hesitate to poke Svein, Kai or Arnoud if you are interested!


We have some new members in our great social gang aswell! Ash (Wulfee), Ash’s Chris (Appyo), Sebastian (Thryr), Tim#1 (Hellhoeâh), Tim#2 (Minipenguinz), Jani (Monkagnome), Alastair (Robbie) all said yes to the contract (Including the small print) and now belong to us. Welcome all! (Mohaha)

I’m sure I missed someone, so feel free to shoot me if I did.

The Fridays have been used for different social events recently, and so far Kai has managed to trick people into joining raids that cleared HFC normal with a mix of alts and socials and done a pet battle event! Here’s what he had to say about the glorious battle that took place!

Last Friday, we took a break from our Social HFC runs and held the first of hopefully several Solace Battle Pet events ! Despite it being christmas and people being awefully busy, 4 people showed up to battle for glory, fame and the great prize ! The valiant contestants were Henri, Kai, Erwin and Eugene – and after a long series of pet battles, laughs and tears – the person with 3 pets at level 25 (!), was crowned victorious ! Congratulations to the new Crazy Cat Lady of Solace – Erwin, who got a Tiny Green Carp added to his pet collection as a prize !


Closing, we’d like to wish all our members a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Enjoy the celebrations with your family and friends and holidays is the perfect time to get some gaming done (at least in my family)

Have a good one folks!


  1. SylvitSylvit

    Merry Christmas to my Gnomies!!!!!
    Good luck to the new guildmaster and officers 😛

    Keep spanking those bosses guys!
    Enjoy your break Jade and you rock!

    I’m on a “wow-break” myself,game is pretty much goddamn boring when you are not raiding.
    Instead i’m playing SWTOR:knights of the fallen empire…and its awesome! 😛

    Will be back a couple of weeks before Legion goes live!
    Enjoy peepz!

    1. RagbakRagbak

      Thanks Bart.

      Enjoy your time off and we’ll see you when Legion is about to hit ;-).

  2. Wulfee

    You forgot my chris 🙁 🙁

    1. RagbakRagbak

      I have updated the post Ash ;-).

    2. ZariahZariah (Post author)

      Maybe it’s my chris now?!