Tomb of Sargeras Heroic Cleared!

Solace killed heroic Kil’jaeden and with that kill it marks our first official clear of heroic Tomb of Sargeras.

It was a long journey but we finally aligned the stars and struck him down. Just in time for the next raid. We used our angry seagull spirit animal to give us guidance in these troubling times and he finally came through with some good advice.

Congratulations all!

EDIT: Zettiz gave us a kill video:

Heroic Tomb of Sargeras Progress Update

Hey reader!

It has been a while but we have not been sitting idle in Solace. At this time of writing we have cleared ToS HC all the way till Kil’jaeden. He is still giving us some trouble but with persistence we are getting closer and closer to a kill. Demonic Inquisition The Desolate Host


Maiden of Vigilance
Mistress Sassz’ineSisters of the Moon

Our CSI team is looking into releasing the latest evidence of Avatar’s Kill on heroic as we speak. But for now we are going strong! Keep up the good work guys!

EDIT: As promised, Fel(l) Avatar.


Lara would be proud!

We did it! Solace raided the tomb on normal. With these trophies on our belt we can look forward to the heroic versions of these fights (and maybe we’ll learn the shortcuts as well by then).

A few impressions below where our brave heroes fail to stand in a line but no-one cares because the boss is dead anyway.

We started with the Maiden of Vigilance which we left trembling near her elevator last time.