Arm yourselves. Legion is coming!

legionlogoLegion is coming, and Solace will kick its ass. We need your help with that, so please reactivate your accounts and help us out! If you are not in Solace yet…… you should click the Apply now! button at the top, like now. Don’t forget to read our Guild Rules (under About Us) if you wish to apply.


The website has a new url: The old domain should redirect you here without a hitch. Svein and Jade (mostly the latter) are revamping the site a bit as you might have noticed if you are familiar with the old look. Any suggestions are welcome. That is: spelling and grammar errors (which will defo ensure Jade’s head turning red), plugins you think might benefit the usefulness of the site, things that are out of place, or anything else you think might be missing.

Raiding in Legion

Of course we will also be raiding again. Solace will stick her ethos of being a close-knit guild. As such we will again only aim at Normal and Heroic clear with a group of about 15 people. We are currently making inventory to see who wants to raid and what days they are available. If you are interested please contact Svein or Jade or write on the forums (although as we speak Svein still has to configure something there, probably). If you are not yet in Solace but want to raid make sure to fill out the raiding section of the application form.


Solace is first and foremost a social place for people to get together and share their game experience. As such, socials are always welcome to apply. Every now and then we organize a social event, and if you might have suggestions for this don’t hesitate to poke an officer.