Guild Rules

To ensure that Solace is kept friendly, social and have a good reputation on the server we ask all current and prospective members to read and follow these general rules of conduct.

General Rules

  1. In order to maintain Solace’s good reputation, we ask that all our members take a step back before they act or say something that can be damaging to the guild as a whole. In the case of such a situation, each case will be dealt with individually and accordingly.
  2. We are looking for active players, as such, when you are online, strive to be sociable and entertain the idea of participating in guild activities and joining guild groups.
  3. For any prolonged absences, if you plan to return to the game and stay in Solace, please make sure you make a post in the Announcements thread in the Forums.
  4. If you have a disagreement with another member, please do not make it public. Contact an officer as soon as possible and we will try to sort the problem out.
  5. We expect our members to have a mature attitude towards our issues and activities within the guild, therefore we have an age restriction of 18 for all applicants.


Member-activity & Housekeeping

From time to time Officers will clean up the memberlist and guild bank tabs to make them more accessible and easier to use for the active players. For this reason we would like to encourage you to keep an eye on the contents of the Guild Bank that you might find useful. It is there to be used by members and not a museum.
Our guild prides itself on being inclusive to all people that play the game we all love and spend so much time in. Sometimes real life throws a wrench into our plans though. If this happens and you have to be away for a long time but want to return at some point and be part of our community again we implore you to make a post about this in the announcement forum. That way we can try to avoid removing inactive members by accident that plan on returning.


Ranks (and what they mean)

  • Supreme Leader – The position of the Guild Leader, please mock (at your own peril).
  • Commander – Officer rank of active officers; Veterans are officers that have had a significant impact in the guild’s history and are valued members because of this.
  • Raider – Raiders are active participating members of Solace’s raid team.
  • Member – Members of Solace are the backbone and bulk of the players; ex-raiders and friends that actively play the game.
  • Initiate – Initiate rank is reserved for players looking to join Solace and the rank acts as a both a safeguard and open door to get a feel for our guild philosophy and the potential member’s goals.
  • Away – Members that have either announced their absence or that have been otherwise indisposed for a long time. Please refer to the member-activity and housekeeping section for more info on being “Away”