Discussing raid days

While you all have noticed that due to our currently relative small team we have had to cancel some raids. As officers we hate to see this happen and we have discussed how we can maybe change this once more, or at least try.

The Tuesday has been a good day for a little while but has been cancelled often the last couple of weeks. It is understandable that it is harder for many people to commit to a weekday as they have work the next day. For this reason we are considering moving the 3rd raid day back to the Friday. While this may seem contradicting, because that failed before, it mostly failed due to tanks in the past. Right now we have at least one tank that can commit to a Fridaynight raidnight, as well as Jade who can tank on Keiki if needed. Only thing is then, if you guys think this is a good idea.


First HC HFC boss down

Bye bye Hellfire Assault. With a few struggles due to the chaos, panic, disaster nature of the fight, we’ve managed to kill Hellfire Assault on Heroic last night. After that we also had some good tries on Iron Reaver, but unfortunately we were unable to get him down. But not all was lost, we moved back to normal and with an extension of last week were able to have some good shots at Xhul’Horac. We’ve seen him on 3% so basically had him, but alas, time was up. He will bite the dust Sunday for sure, so please do not forget to sign up!


New BRF HC kills

While we absolutely wanna progress in Hellfire Citadel, we went ahead and did a step back last night. This was mostly to get some gear for some of the latest additions to the team. However, extra progress is always nice! And progress we made, we killed Maidens as well as Flamebender on Heroic. The lockout will be saved so we can kill the remaining three bosses on Heroic in the near future as well.