Down goes the Tyrant

Finally some progress after an extended summer break. Tonight we killed Tyrant Velhari. Good job to all who came. We had no less than 13 on the team tonight which definitely made things easier than doing it with 10 people. Let’s hope we can keep it up. Chapeau to the kinda new tank team of Alan and Jace, been a while since you two tanked together ;). Let’s kill some more shit later this week, be it in BRF HC or in HFC N!


Solace is recruiting

In order to get back in progress raiding properly again we can totally use some fresh blood. If you’re already a member and aren’t raiding yet but would like to, please make sure to contact an officer. If you’re not yet a part of Solace (blasphemy!) hesitate no longer and apply via the topmenu.
We are looking for dps and healer(s), and the classes we are looking for in particular are Mage, Priest, Monk, Death Knight. Ranged DPS has our preference but every application is considered!


World of Warcraft: Legion

At Gamescom 2015 in Cologne, Blizzard announced the long-awaited (?) new expansion. As most of you know by now there will be lots of storylines coming together. Of course the most important thing is the return of the Legion, but how about heading into the Emerald Dream? So fitting for us! All that exciting stuff going on, because of course let’s not forget about the new hero class Demon Hunter.